More Quackary

Yesterday I blogged about a local chiropractor’s claim that bordered on the insane and certainy lacked evidence.  These kinds of claims are more pervasive and common than many know, but no more so than in the field of alternative medicine, especially naturopathic medicine.

On my desk today is an invitation for me to attended a seminar on QRA.  What is QRA you might ask?  According to this brochure, it is a “breakthrough” in understanding “true root causes of chronic health” by using “quantum physics to permanently restore quantum biofield energetics.”

If that sounds confusing to you, then relax, you are normal.  Silly claims often ride on the coattails of scientific words and ideas (like quantum physics) but then add to them.  In this case by suggesting then there exists something like “biofield energetics” which is made up mumbo-jumbo.  Despite using these complicated words, they assure those that attend that this incredible discovery “can be easily learned in one weekend” and (get ready for this one) one will learn how to do a “one-second test” that so quickly identifies “toxic nutrients, foods or supplements” that could be avoided.  In one second!

What happens next?  I am glad you asked, as it then will somehow magically “induce quantum cellular resonance in specific glands and organs.”  This ultimately will acheive a “rejuvenated bio-energy pattern” and I guess some amazing health.

There may be some cellular responses that are at the quantum level, but that could not be known and certainly one could not measure this change.  Moreover, there is not such thing as a bio-energy pattern.  Craziness, plain and simple.

Perhaps it is true some might say.  Of course that is not even slightly feasible.  The wonders of science and medicine is that true statements are rapidly distributed and supported and usually adopted worldwide.  Of course that is not even slightly true in this case.   This is just another example of modern day snake oil hogwash, and in this example a naturopathic (not chiropractic) one of a heaping pile of male cow poo poo.

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